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Clinical Nutrition 

Clinical Nutrition is a practice defined by the analysis of what a person is consuming, weather they are consuming enough nutrients in order to sustain optimum health and wellbeing.


Nutrition however is not only what is consumed, but also what is processed, stored and discarded by the body, along with how what is being consumed, is affecting overall health and wellbeing.


My holistic approach sees me not only look into an individuals food intake, but also the lifestyle a person leads, as well as emotional aspects which may too be affecting their health.


I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist under the Clinical Nutrition Association. Choosing a professional whose qualifications are recognized by a governing body ensures you are receiving advice and treatment suggestions from a professional trained in that field. This also means they are kept up to date with new research and development in the industry.  


Services available


FREE Introductory call

This is ideal for anyone who wants to know a bit more about what I do and how I may be able to assist you with your health and wellness goals. Weather you have an existing condition you are working with, or are brand new to nutrition, I'd love to hear from you. Lets chat!  



Health & Wellbeing Kickstart 

This includes an Initial Consultation where I go over with you your complete health and wellbeing which includes past and present health. Together we set goals which will work for you as an individual and I set out a treatment plan aimed at reaching these goals, this may include but are not limited to; dietary alterations, lifestyle practices and supplements where I see necessary.


This also includes a follow-up session two weeks after, at this time we go over your progress to date and make any alterations if necessary.


Prior to the consultation, you will fill out a comprehensive registration form, along with a food an elimination dairy. This allows me to look at the steps you are already taking and working from there. 


Allow 90 minutes for first appointment & 60 minutes for the follow up



Consultations there after 

45 minutes $60 


Holistic Nutrition Support 

Do you want to learn how to make better food choices? Do you have a pre -iagnosed health issue and you want to find out how nutrition my support it. If you answer yes to one or both of these, this is the treatment for you. 

If you however have health issues you don't yet know the cause of, or where they may be stemming from, the Health & Wellbeing Kickstart is better suited to you. 

Allow 60 minutes $75


Functional Testing

Sometimes it's necessary to look a bit deeper into what might be going on in the body. I offer numerous different testing options, depending on your individual situation. 

Additional testing may for example be sending you to the doctor to get a referral for blood tests such as iron levels, or we may do private testing which could include gut testing, thyroid or hormones just to name a few. 

Payment for all tests is required before any tests are undertaken. A consultation is also required prior to ensure you are being sent for a relevant. 


Hair Analysis 

The hair contains our unique DNA, which when analysed allows us to see toxic build-up, allows us to see toxic build-up, nutrient deficiencies, food and environmental sensitivities. If you are struggling with allergies such as asthma, sinus, skin issues such as eczema, are feeling tired and fatigued with no get up and go, a hair analysis is a great place to start.

The full range of tests that can be undertaken from the hair are;

  • Food & Environmental Sensitivities

  •  Stress & Mood

  •  Womens Health

  • Mens Health

  • Heavy Metals

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Status


When the hair is received at the place of testing in Auckland, it takes around 10 working days for the results to be returned. At that point, I book a consultation with you so we can go through the extensive report and create a treatment plan suited to you.  Payment is required in full at time of taking the hair.


Allow 60 minutes for follow up consultation 

Add 60 minute Supermarket Tour for an extra $50

Supermarket Tour 

Supermarket tour In a supermarket, there are thousands of different items. Due to this fast variety and contradicting food labeling, it can be extremely confusing when trying to decide what to buy.

Food labelling can also be misleading with terms used such as low fat, sugar free and natural.

The purpose of the supermarket tour is designed to help you navigate your way through the supermarket and become savvy about what you are buying and consuming.


Allow 60 minutes $50

Two or more (up to 5 people) $40 each